"Shoeless" Wes Pendergrass is a visual designer, consultant, instructor, and adjudicator within the marching arts realm.

Wes is originally from Mountain Home, Arkansas and has an academic background in Physical Education and Music Performance.  His diverse marching and teaching background in drum corps, winter groups, and marching band help him tailor individual marching techniques and visual design to a group's goals and excellences.

Design wise, Wes believes in the homogeneous integration of all marching elements.  Many groups utilize him as a consultant that vertically integrates the movement, marching, and visual design elements of their show into a common entity.  His goal is that the Marching Arts become a symbiotic and seamless relationship between all elements that occur simultaneously on the field and floor.

Wes meets deadlines, follows instructions, and relies solely on references and personalized samples to acquire new business.  A group's name is never used to perpetuate "Shoeless" Wes' business model.